Apr 18, 2015

How to use PD-Proxy and set UDP ports

Hi guys, today i am posting How to use pd -proxy and set udp ports for free internet, many of us really not now how to do it , So  this post only for newbies .

PD-proxy is a tunneling software that can secure your internet connection...
Using PD-proxy makes it impossible for others to spy on you, they can't even see what sites you are visiting.Also you can use those sites which are blocked in your country or in your collage

Things require to use PD-proxy

2.and a PD proxy Account -

How to use it

1. Extract the downloaded PD-proxy

2. Open the folder obtained afre extract

3. Then Install Tap driver

 4. On clicking Install tap driver a tab opens , and follow what it says

5. On succesfully installing Tap drivers, open PD proxy

6. Put your created username and password of your pd proxy account. Then click on setting
  7. Then click on Advanced setting

8. And then a tab open, in which go to proto option

9. Then put your suitable UDP port, that is open in your area for free net, otherwise leave it as it is. then click save and go back

10. After that click main menu

11. connect your modem to the internet, and then click connect button of pd-proxy

Thank you for reading

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