Dec 30, 2014

How To Resume Download Of Broken Files With IDM

Hey guys, welcome to 4a2z-tricks, Sometimes, when you tried to download a file with IDM (Internet Download Manager),
it failed to download the complete file when the file has already been downloaded to some extent
or more than 50%. A Message appeared on IDM which says "Do you want to download the file from the beginning". Definitely, you don't want to download it from  the beginning when you have already downloaded a large part of file (such as 300 MB or 1 GB or even more). 

This stopping of download  after some time, happened due to the several reasons like: 

1.You Stopped it, to download it later because you know it has the capability of resuming.
2. When server stoped responding
3. Your Internet connection has problems
4. You manually pause it.

so, don't need worry here are some step by step procedure with pictures, 
for how to resume your downloading when it failed to further download the file

Steps to download the file,
from where IDM has stopped or you had paused i

1. open your IDM , and click on properties of that file, 

2. After that a Tab is open, in address column of it , delete the existing address

3. On your Internet browser search for that file which is stop downloading, and copy the download link.

4. and paste the download link in adress bar

5. click OK,

6. and resume your download, it starts downloading the file again.

THANK YOU for reading


  1. Well, pretty good work..
    But I wants to know whether it will work even in proxies?