May 1, 2015

How to remove the user name saved in Chrome

hey guys,
today i will show you how to delete, auto-save 
username in chrome,
that is, for example if u login your account in the Facebook using chrome, then it stores your user name without asking you......

why need to clear your auto saved user name
1. Sometimes when your computer is used by so many people, then their is long list of user name appear, when u click on username, 
2. many times mistakenly  u put your username and password both in the username column , and hit enter, then it stores your password, and this get u in a trouble.
3. if u don't want any one on your home to know that u use Facebook, or another site

How to remove the username- 

a) you can clear it by, un-installing your chrome browser, and then re-install it, but this take lots of time, and also if u updated your chrome browser, and have many extension install in it ,then this is not a good ideaNOTE: You can not clear your auto save user name by clear history and other thingsb) this method is so simple just take 10 seconds, but i will show you with pics. open any site in which u need clear username , here I use Facebook1. open, the site and left click in username, then it will show you name all username, that u user earlier,

2. after that bring your mouse, to that username which u want to delete, just bring your mouse , don't click it

3. After bringing, your mouse pointer, hold(press) shift +delete button together, it will delete that username.

know this is a simple post, but very useful.


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